Taijiquan und Qigong


My name is Ben

What better place to write this text then at the ‘jungle’ bungalow?! Living basic but feeling rich in the inspiration and the rest nature and the whole environment gives. It is a special place. Waking up with the sun and animal sounds. Admiring the 180° view while having breakfast. Walking down to practice with Martin. And then after the closing of a Qigong set hearing Martin say “Good Morning”. Right there and then, this is, I am Here and Now. What a start of the day!

Me and my girlfriend, Eunice stayed in Bo Thai for about 2 months in total. I came alone for 2 weeks to begin with, while Eunice was visiting family in her motherland Portugal. I practiced Taiji before and wanted to continue the Yang-style. Little did I know that the style which Martin teaches, the William C.C.Chen style, is somewhat – different than I practiced last. But ‘wow’, it felt great! This made me decide I wanted to learn the complete short-form with Martin. Indeed I did. After this and traveling (also keeping with practicing on the best spots I could find) a bit I wanted more. So we came back to Martin and Ron. Now together, knowing for sure that Eunice would love it here – even without Taiji or Qigong.

And here I am, after the short form came the long form, of which I can set down a rough set now. It was not easy to remember everything but Martin with his clear and calm instructions, explanation application-wise (and demonstrating) kept it as simple as possible. This without loosing eye on details.

Ron (always hardworking Ron) with her cooking showed us what real Thai food is. With showing her recipes and tricks to make the perfect magic fried Massaman curry or the simple but – simply delicious ‘phat krapouw’ or the time consuming but out-of-this-world homemade curry pastes, I learned a whole new (unexpected) skill: ‘Thai cooking‘. Ron’s food is in one word, ‘Amazing’. Food critic as I am, after tasting her food she set a whole new standard for Thai chef’s to top. I can say that is not easy.

I am very thankful to Martin for giving so much of himself and showing me the path of Taiji and together with Ron for the great home-stay vibe and the times we shared.
… until next time
All the best and love
Ben & Eunice

Ben-in-The Golden-Pheasant-Stands-on-Left-Leg-posture