Taijiquan und Qigong


My name is Koko

It was the year 2004 on Koh Tao island Thailand when I met Martin Rapp for the first time, my actual plans where to do a lot of diving, but due to health problems I had to cancel that. Having a lot of time I looked around for some course to do and since I had done some Taiji back in Spain I booked the Beginner course at Here and Now. The first thing I noticed during the Qigong and Taiji was that I had a lot of coordination problems during the movements and that I was generally very stiff and out of shape and that this was also the attitude I had in daily life.

I kept going back to learn with Martin one or two times per year, so by now I can do the complete 60 movement short form, altough I am still working on a lot of details. About Martin I can say that he takes his teaching seriously but with humour and that he can explain to you the application in real combat of any movement contained in the form, that way the movements make actual sense and the energetic benefits (Chi) are fully unfolded.

For me Taiji has been part of a life changing experience together with Yoga, Asian Bio Energetics and becoming a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I feel much more present and alive than I felt 10 years ago. So I warmly recommend to anybody to do the course with Martin, this particular form and the Qigong movements can be done on a 2×3 meter space (practically anywhere), you can be sure that you will leave Martin’s place with a small treasure that can dramatically improve your health and your presence in the world, as long as you continue practicing on your own.

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