Here & Now befindet sich am Rande des Dschungels
HERE & NOW is located on the edge of the jungle

Surrounded by nature, wide fields and inspiring scenery, HERE & NOW offers courses for Taiji and Qigong in a private atmosphere. In addition, there is the possibility to enjoy a 2½-hour traditional Thai yoga massage and learn Ron’s cooking skills. HERE & NOW is located in a secluded area near the village of Bo Thai, about 4 hours by bus north of Bangkok, in the province of Phetchabun.


Ron, sie sorgt für das leibliche Wohl bei HERE & NOW

After several “traditional Thai massage” courses, as an assistant in massage classes and over 20 years of practice, Ron has the right “feeling” to elicit the words of her customers “That was the best massage of my life!” Ron was also the “chef” at our HERE & NOW resort on Koh Tao, and the “Rough Guide” (next to the Lonely Planet’s second-largest travel guide) praised the cuisine of our resort. Now she cares about the physical well-being of our guests and the flower and vegetable gardens.


Martin, er unterrichtet bei HERE & NOW Taji und Qigong

I went to Koh Tao as a diving instructor. But after three years of diving and some meditation retreats in Suan Mokkh, I decided to turn my hobby into a profession and began teaching Qigong and Taijiquan in 1998. Meanwhile, I am certified Taijiquan teacher by William C.C. Chen. We moved into our new house in May 2009 and are now trying to create a place for people who want to get away from it all and look after themselves.

Taiji (Tai Chi)

Taijquan Schwertform
Taijquan sword form

Taijiquan is a so-called inner martial art. The first step is to learn the Taiji form, which consists of a series of slow movements. In the Taiji form, each movement has a meaning, for example counteract, neutralize or action. Therefore, taijiquan is often referred to as shadow boxing. Taiji means “the highest principle” in Daoism and Quan is the fist. A meaningful translation of “Taijiquan” would be “weaponless fighting according to the highest principle”.

Qigong (Chi Gong)

World Taiji & Qigong Day auf Koh Tao, Thailand
World Taiji & Qigong Day on Koh Tao, Thailand

The purpose of Qigong is to create harmony and balance between body (essence), breath (energy) and spirit (spirituality). The mind regulates the breath and the breath supplies the body with Qi. Qigong supports the balance of yin and yang by harmonizing the energy flow in the body. In China, disease is perceived as an imbalance in the flow of energy and is associated with emotions.

Thai cuisine

Kochkurse bei Ron sind möglich
Kochkurse bei Ron sind möglich

The cuisine of Thailand is very diverse. There are areas where many dishes are cooked with coconut milk, and others where they don´t use coconut milk at all. The degrees of sharpness varies also, depending on the area, from mild to super-spicy.

Traditional Thai yoga massage

Traditionelle Thai Yoga Massage
Traditional Thai yoga massage

The Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is based on a holistic way of looking at the human being. Integration of nature, body, mind and soul is the central orientation. In contrast to classical western massage forms, it is less oriented on the anatomy of the human body than on the so-called energy lines and fields, comparable to the meridians in Chinese medicine. Ron has been massaging for more than 20 years and also has an additional education in Tuina (Chinese massage form).

World Tai Chi & Chi Gong Day

Fächerform beim World Tai Chi & Chi Gong Day 2004 auf Koh Tao
Fan form at the World Tai Chi & Chi Gong Day 2004 on Koh Tao

How everything started…

Wie alles begann
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New accommodations under construction

Our new guest-house, two double rooms are already in use.

Country life

Market day in Bo Thai