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About us

About us

Here & Now


1998 we opened Here & Now on Koh Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand. In 2002 we got the possibility to rent a bungalow resort with the name of CFT. We were not aloud to change the name so we turned CFT into Center For Taijiquan which we placed under the Here & Now logo :). The owner sold the place and we had a good reason to leave the island. The concrete development on this jewel of an island and the rapidly rising number of dive schools was too much to bear.

Ron has some land close to the village where she was born and we decided to build a house and continue Here & Now in the middle of nowhere. For 2 years we stayed in her sister´s house before we could move into our own house, which I build with a little help from my friends. In 2019 we completed our new guesthouse and are ready to serve our customers and creating a relaxed and family-like atmosphere.



I went to Koh Tao to work as as a diving instructor. But after three years of diving and some meditation retreats in Suan Mokkh, I decided to turn my hobby into a profession and began teaching Qigong (Chi Gong) and Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in 1998. I am certified teacher for Taijiquan Yang Style by Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. We moved into our new house in May 2009 and are now trying to create a place for people who want to get away from it all and look after themselves.



After several “Traditional Thai Massage” courses, as an assistant in massage classes and over 20 years of practice, Ron has the right “feeling” to elicit the words of her customers: “That was the best massage of my life!” The Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is based on a holistic way of looking at the human being. Integration of nature, body, mind and soul is the central orientation and it is based on energy lines and fields, comparable to the meridians in Chinese medicine. Ron has also has an additional education in Tuina (Chinese massage form).


Ron was also the “chef” at our Here & Now resort on Koh Tao, and the “Rough Guide” (next to the Lonely Planet’s second-largest travel guide) praised the cuisine of our resort. The cuisine of Thailand is very diverse. There are areas where many dishes are cooked with coconut milk, and others where they don´t use coconut milk at all. The degrees of sharpness varies also, depending on the area, from mild to super-spicy. If you ask Ron nicely, she will happily share her secrets.


Ron is mostly to be found outside. From a tour around our house she usually returns with edible plants, or we go together picking up bamboo in the jungle. Flowers and the vegetable garden are her passion. Ron is responsible for the physical well-being our guests.


Our Home


We are located in a remote area near Bo Thai village in the Phetchabun province, some 300 km north of Bangkok. Close to the jungle, beautifully located in an inspiring landscape and with a terrific view for breathtaking sunsets it´s a perfect place to relax.


We built our house in 2009. To make it more interesting we made one corner of the house round. And instead of boring circles on the floor we created a flower pattern with the tiles.


There also is a library, so if you want to read a good book while your here, you can. We hope you feel welcome at our place and enjoy your stay.