Directions to HERE & NOW

The two most important starting points to get to HERE & NOW are:


By taxi or bus to the Northern Bus Station (ground floor!). After entering the building, keep to the right, pass a 7/11 to the switch 41 (or 42). Buy a ticket to Nong Phai, which is located about 50 km south of Phetchabun. Continue in the same direction (kiosk on the left, toilets on the right), pass a restaurant through the door, go right, the last bus in the row goes to Nong Phai. The buses leave approximately every hour – the journey lasts 4½ hours, with a break after 3 hours. Meeting point is the 7/11 in Nong Phai. Sometimes the bus stops right there, sometimes it continues 150 meters to the traffic lights.

Chiang Mai

Take a bus to Lom Sak. There change to a bus to Phetchabun or Nong Phai. We’ll pick you up there.

Please call us in time so we can prepare everything.
phone Martin: +66 (0) 628 708 887
phone Ron:      +66 (0) 950 329 342


Martin Rapp and Thongron Khamkaew
37 Moo 10
Ban Bo Thai
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